A mindful, gradual and empowering approach will make a profound difference for you.

Speak, and be heard.

A Confident Voice Isn't Magic.
It's Developed

In my approach there is as much ‘letting go’ as there is ‘learning.’ And learning is actually not the right word. In my sessions, we energize parts of your physical body to get them to do some of the heavy lifting of a good voice. There is nothing to ‘learn,’ it is more of a process of exercising and activating your entire ‘instrument.’ At the same time we calm the ‘white noise’ around us that inhibits our voice. Your kid is going for her driver’s license today? Your insurance company upped your rate for no reason? Hate your new haircut? Fine, let’s keep all that stuff in a box while we honor our own body and wake up the powerful stuff in us. Will it get you that dream job? Maybe not, but everyone I’ve worked with reports a new confidence and a new sense of calm. And you might get that dream job.

What if You
Fell in Love with Your Voice?

For stage actors, your director will love that you can fill an 800-seat house with your voice, and you won’t need to put on an annoying lavalier. For film, your actions will be clearer, your voice will convey all the shades you’re playing - it isn’t just George Clooney’s dreamy eyes that make him attractive - think of that voice. For non-actors what would it be like to fall in love with your voice? To know you have the ability to influence colleagues and clients with a calm confidence? For those that use this course for therapy, you will unlock a new understanding of your voice; and will actively ‘work out,’ like a gym star, the previously unused components of a great voice.

A Set of Tools
You Can Keep

I don’t preach drugs, or pseudo-scientific approaches. I don’t even use the word ‘project,’ as that is one of those things “everyone knows” is important, but has no idea that such a thing is an impossibility. After five or six sessions, you will have all the tools you will need to create your own routine. My mission is for you to experience a holistic, self-empowering way to get to your actual, true voice.